Logical and Metaphysical Universal

This selection is taken from the schematic found on Austin M. Woodbury, Logic, The John N. Deely and Anthony F. Russel Collection, St. Vincent College Library, Latrobe, PA, 63.

More to come later, for I will likely be reworking some of these texts:

"The Universal [sic] is something REAL or the NATURE OF THE THING, which if it be considered . . .  as ABSTRACTED from real existence . . . but not from mental existence, is universal and can be considered either in itself AS REGARDS THE THING CONCEIVED, [in which case] it is the METAPHYSICAL UNIVERSAL, or relatively to inferiors (OR, AS REGARDS MODE [sic] OF CONCEIVING), whose property is PREDICABILITY, which is aptitude for predication, [in which case] it is the LOGICAL UNIVERSAL"