God's Existence

Levering, Matthew.  Proofs of God: Classical Arguments from Tertullian to Barth.  Grand Rapids, MI: 2016

I am working my way through Levering's text for an HPR review.  On the whole, excellent introduction to a number of thinkers.  This kind of book is constricted by its overall format—quickly surveying many thinkers.  However, that is just the nature of the beast.  Provides a good overall narrative that can then be fleshed out by particular selections that would match a teacher / professor's taste and desires.  I may differ a bit on this or that figure that is included.  For instance, one wishes that he would give more direct attention to Scotus (instead of primarily as a foil for Ockham).  Other points could be raised in this regard.  Nonetheless, it would be churlish!

For fairness, I will add that this genre is not my favorite, but that is not a mark against Levering's excellent text.  I tend toward a dogmatic mania for systematization.  There is much to be gained from engaging with numerous thinkers like this.  Just to take an example, though I am no candidate for being a Blondelian, I have much now to think about regarding the exigencies of practico-practical knowledge of God.  I think Maritain got this generally correct.  However, the profound depths of the matter must be plumbed.  I suspect that a number of points are slurred by Blondel.  Nonetheless, like many modern thinkers, he has a sensitivity for the order of practice (here, especially, for moral thought).  However, one must always differentiate speculativo-practical and practico-practico judgments.

A thought, not directly related to Levering, but interesting—a proof of God's existence through ars in a way that is similar to prudentia?