Evangelium Vitae

The Right to Do your Duty

"To refuse to take part in committing an injustice is not only a moral duty; it is also a basic human right." - St. John Paul II, Evangelium Vitae, n.74

"We have the strict obligation of obeying God, whose supreme rights found our first duties and every moral obligation properly speaking.  What we demand above all else is not freedom for its own sake, as liberalism does; it is the inalienable right to do our duty, or, the right of truth, above all the ultimate truth to be known and loved.   We can freely renounce certain rights of ours but not that of doing our duty…

One cannot better affirm the dignity of the human person whose superior duties are founded upon the imprescriptible rights of God, far above all the legitimate demands of the temporal common good that is end of the State.  By this, it is evident that the State is subordinated to the intellectual, moral, and spiritual perfection of the human person, whose destiny immensely exceeds the end and temporal duration of political society."

- Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange